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Ellen Berk

Many have asked, "How can I sit around all day and listen to people's problems?" I don't think of the human experience as "a problem." I think of working with people as an honor. I had a sense when I was little that I was meant to focus on working with people. I have always been interested in gaining an understanding of why we all do what we do. I have always studied human interactions as I have worked on my own maturation. I believe that I am never too old to learn and hope my clients can embrace this philosophy. I hope to share my clinical knowledge and wisdom as I continue to work on refining the art of being a therapist.

Life is both interesting and joyful, but occasionally can be a painful and bewildering process. During more stressful times, I think that a therapist can be a part of your life process by giving you, (1.) an objective point of view, (2.) teaching you new ways to cope with, and view yourself, or your situation, and (3.) helping you to connect better with others.

I have created this website to provide for individuals that either don't have access to or are not ready for therapy. The articles and tools here are meant for informational purposes only and are not a substitute for professional therapy.

Kindest regards,

Ellen Berk, LCSW BCD

Credentials and Experience:

LCSW (licensed clinical social worker) BCD (Board Certified Diplomate) MSW, University of Denver 1991. BA, Psychology, University of Denver, 1978. Advanced Business Management Certificate, Harvard University, 1981. Founder and President, Interactions Counseling P.C 1991-present. Guest Columnist: The Denver Post 1994-present Awards: "Most Outstanding Clinical Social Worker" 1996 from the Colorado Society for Clinical Social Work.

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